Controlling your privacy on “new” facebook

Over the last few weeks Facebook has made many changes and many are still struggling getting used to the new interface. Among the new features are the subscribe option, improved list functionality, apps and tags. While the many new features will make it easier for you to be more visible on facebook, it will also require that you manage your settings so you can enjoy privacy when you want to.

One of my favorite improved features are lists and the ability to post comments only visible to certain lists. Now I can differentiate between a post meant for business relations and a post meant for family & friends in my native country Norway. After you’ve organized your lists you can just choose from an easy drop down menu (Image 1).

Facebook post using lists
Image 1

Another of my favorite new tools are the integration of apps. I’m an avid music listener while I’m working and love using spotify. Now my friends can see what music I’m listening to and we can connect on a whole new level. I love seeing their playlists and being introduced to their music favorites, as well as sharing my own.

To figure out how to set your privacy settings so you only share what you are willing to share with the world, I recommend this article by Social Media Examiner, which will guide you through 5 easy ways to control your privacy.




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